Rhododendron Flower Study

$ 188.88

Introducing "Rhododendron Flower Study," a captivating portrayal of the luscious pink rhododendron in full bloom, delicately breathing life into the Appalachian forest canopy. This original work by West Virginia native artist Brian C. Zickafoose celebrates the resilient and vibrant nature of the Mountain State and its people.

Product Details:
- Title: Rhododendron Flower Study
- Artist: Brian C. Zickafoose
- Medium: Mischtechnik Oil on 5 x 7 Inch Flat Gessobord

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of this exquisite flower study, capturing the essence of the state flower of West Virginia. The rhododendron, a symbol of abundance and hardiness, mirrors the tenacious spirit of the Mountain State's residents.

This original work invites you to own a piece of West Virginia's natural splendor, rendered with authenticity and passion by a native artist. The Mischtechnik oil technique employed by Zickafoose brings forth the intricate details and vibrant hues of the rhododendron, creating a visual masterpiece that serves as a window into the beauty of nature.

Enjoy the added benefit of free shipping within the United States. (Note: International shipping is invoiced additionally.) Bring the spirit of the Appalachian forest into your space with "Rhododendron Flower Study" and let the radiant blooms of this cherished state flower brighten your surroundings.

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