DMT: Divine Moment of Transfiguration - Prints + Stickers

$ 3.00

Open Edition Print
13 x 19 Inch on Enhanced Matte Paper
Each print comes signed by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a free piece of art.

3 Inch Die-Cut Vinyl Sticker

About the Artwork
An illustration by artist Brian Zickafoose titled, "DMT-Divine Moment of Transfiguration", delves into mysteries concerning supernatural agents, inter-dimensional astronauts and altered perceptions. Zickafoose bounds through the aeons to an era when artist and shaman were one and the same, where the collective conscious and the well-being of the tribe were dependent on the distant etheogenic explorations of the medicine man and where special fruits of the forest were selected for their messianic properties and consumed for the prosper of all, in an effort to understand the paradox of the grand illusion we know as reality. 

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