The Grist Mill - Paper Prints

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Now available as a limited edition collector's print in several sizes. These prints are beautiful reproductions of the original painting of the Grist Mill by Brian C. Zickafoose.

Paper Editions
- 20" x 16" on Enhanced Matte signed and numbered - edition of 50
- 14" x 11" on Enhanced Matte signed and numbered - edition of 50
- 7" x 5" on Enhanced Matte open edition 

Each print is signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

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About the artwork: 

"The Grist Mill at Glade Creek - Babcock State Park, West Virginia" is a poignant masterpiece by Brian C. Zickafoose, crafted with precision and dedication. Completed on November 22, 2014, at 11:22 am, this 36" x 24" oil painting not only captures the essence of a specific moment but also pays tribute to the artistic wisdom imparted by the late local artist, David E. Weaver.

In this composition, Zickafoose delves into the oil technique of the Dutch Masters, a skill he acquired under the guidance of David Weaver. This painting stands as a heartfelt dedication to Weaver's memory, a friend and mentor whose generosity and teachings significantly influenced Zickafoose's artistic journey.

The artwork unfolds a picturesque scene of the Grist Mill at Babcock State Park, bathed in the resplendent hues of autumn on October 10, 2014, around 4:00 pm. Beyond its visual charm, the painting incorporates West Virginia state icons, including cardinals, a sugar maple branch, and a honey bee, along with native wildflowers.

As a native of Danese, WV, a stone's throw from the park, Zickafoose's connection to Babcock runs deep. The park, a backdrop to cherished childhood memories, remains a symbol of warmth and belonging whenever he returns. This emotional tie is evident in the painting, as it not only depicts a physical landscape but also encapsulates a sense of homecoming and nostalgia.

The artist's journey has taken him across the globe, but the call of his roots brought him back to West Virginia in 2012. The series that includes "The Grist Mill at Glade Creek" commenced with "Ancient River in Autumn - New River Gorge, WV" in 2013. These iconic West Virginia landmarks are more than subjects for Zickafoose; they are ingrained in his identity.

The Grist Mill, a sacred site for many, embodies a spiritual legacy that predates its construction. For Zickafoose, continuing this tradition through his art is not just a personal choice; it's a duty to his heritage. This painting, therefore, becomes a seamless blend of personal expression and a testament to the enduring spirituality of West Virginia's sacred grounds.

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