Who‘s Eating Who?! - Prints + Canvas

$ 18.88

Who‘s Eating Who?!
36" x 24" x 2" - Oil on Canvas
Brian Christopher Zickafoose © 2018
Approximately 150+ hours of Love were put into this painting. 

The golden hour of the evening descends as a fierce black bear tromps through the murky waters searching for a meal. He scoops up a brook trout, who is also about to eat a delicious grasshopper at that very moment. This painting prompts the question - Who‘s Eating Who?! That's for the viewer to decide. Thanks for looking. Enjoy!

Canvas Editions
36" x 24" - Edition of 50 - $688.88
24" x 16" - Edition of 50 - $288.88

Paper Editions
7" x 5" on Enhanced Matte - $18.88

1.5" Gallery-Wrap Borders included on all canvas image sizes

Each print is signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity


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